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Breast examination

With every routine examination I examine your breasts. I will also explain you the best way to do a self examination.

Prevention of breast cancer

The ideal precautionary measures  are

  • self examination 
  • professional examination by a gynecologist
  • Mammography every 2 years after the age of 40

This  way the probability of detecting early stages of breast cancer is very high. Therefor treatment can be very reduced and healing probability is extremely high.

How often should a mammography be done?

  • The first routine exam should be at 40 
  • Then routinely every 2 years, for special cases, annually

Does a Mammography exam hurt?

The mammography has sometimes a bad reputation.
It is even sometimes described as dangerous and extremely painful. This is not true. Mostly it is a little uncomfortable, or even painless. In very rare cases it hurts.

The best time for a mammography is just after menstruation. The breast should be free of any type of  body creams and lotions.

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